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Brief: Scouts Canada is experiencing a significant decline in members and volunteers. As one of the original Scout groups in Canada, Scouts has attractive core values for parents and provides children with life skills and experiences that they wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere. However, they are no longer perceived as cool by children or parents as indicated by a cumulative loss of 138,000 members from 1997-2009.
Audience: North American Children and Parents.
The main message behind this rebrand is “Turning your digital world into a reality.” This redesign will focus on adventure, fun and excitement, the real life version of the what is experienced in a video game. Traditional uniforms will be reserved for special occasions and daily apparel will be switched over to adventure shirts and backpacks.
By re-branding, Scouts Canada will gain more popularity as an alternative to video games, browsing the web and other sedentary activities. A video game doesn’t compare to being in real life situations, and kids just need that reminder.

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